Halal Bites was founded by childhood friends who grew up with a love for hunting and the outdoors. Often equipped with jerky on their outdoor adventures, they developed a keen taste for quality jerky. 

As they got older, started families, and created their own life adventures, they noticed a gap in sourcing good quality, zabihah halal jerky to nourish their families. So they decided to do what any adventurer would do - create their own!

Although initially intended to nourish our their families, the homemade jerky quickly gained a loyal following amongst family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues--their requests and encouragement are what brought Halal Bites to fruition. 

After years of experimenting and refining recipes based on valuable feedback from a loyal following, they finally launched the Halal Bites brand, which reflects our commitment to quality ingredients, sustainability, and adventure! The jerky-craft remains true to their love and reverence to nature and the outdoors, a means to nourishing the soul.